Curtis Haman From our little town of Dunlap Tn was recently interviewed by the infamous Larry King on how he became likely the most notable inspirational leader of our time! Below is a synapsus of that interview.

Curtis your latest book on Finding your Guru within has been on the top of the best sellling list for 5 years now. Did you ever think that you would accomplish this and all the other accalaids when you began?

Actually Larry you chose the correct word when you asked “did you ever THINK”.Yes I did, and that is exactly how it all began, like everything that has ever been accomplished, I thought it. Hence why I inspire people from all over the globe to THINK and then create.

Where did this all begin? well Larry since I was a child I noticed that whatever I concentrated on the most, was exaclty what happened good or bad, it happened. I just had not idea why, I assumed persistance, but that didn’t make sense on the bad things that happened, surely I wasn’t peristant about making bad things happen.. Or maybe I was!

Maybe you were, can you clear that up for the audience and I?

Now Larry, I do not think that you nor the audience has the time for me to go through the entire process, but essentially what one thinketh, one becomes. What goes into your subconsious is what will come out. Your subby, as a good friend of mine Mark J. likes to call it only takes directions. It will do as instructed, it can not discern good from bad, it will just do as you think, if you think long enough it will matierialize in some form or fashion.

Around the age of 22 I began to wander what else is there in life? I felt that something else had to be, yet I had not idea how to find out. I did reach out many ways, one was going back to church ( and little did I know that was a HUGE part of my questions answered, I just didnt know how to actually read and interpret the bible into real life) I spent over $10k on books tapes, classes, seminars , podcasts,coaching etc.. until I was lead to read a book by Napolean Hill ‘Think and Grow rich’. THAT book intrigued me! I really started digging into everything I could. Who has read it, how has become successful after reading it, what are they doing or teaching and so on. I wanted to study those people. Come to find out, there are millions! And many of them are desperatly trying to give they’re knowledge away, giving and receiving is a big part of it, and boy, they are trying to give. So many infact teaching the same thing, acting the same way, and receiving the same results, I figured there HAS TO BE SOMETHING TO THIS. Trouble was narrowing down to whom I really wanted to become my mentor, or my mastermind group as stated in the book.

I finally found a few, and one is named Mark J. Mark and his beautiful wife Davene have an incredibly well done 6 month course that turned my life around. That was many years ago.

I now drink from the same cup and giveth from it also.

Larry you asked what started it? It was a lifelong journey. As I said, began as a child, then really ampted up in my early twenties in my discovery phase, then Mark J. and his “MASTERKEY EXPERIENCE” finallized it. Only to begin again, but at a much higher level and a bigger purpose.

So Curtis wrapping up, is this it for you, are you finally going to retire on that private island in the carribiean that you have?

You know earlier I spoke of the bible and how little I realized that was the answer to what I was searching for. If you dig really deep and listen very carefully ,every truly successful inspirational speach, every motivational leader speaks of lessons from the bible. Just in laymons term.

Of course not Larry, this is a lifelong journey of GIVING AND RECEIVING. If I quit, I am no more.

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