Master Key week 9

Practice and determination.

and waiting on Masters key and now speaks of practice and determination wondering which one is more important to be able to practice you must be determined I’m always just determined to practice then I’ll never practice I said her that’s a lot this week still haven’t really figured it out my visualization for this week has been very good I can see the flower to seed planting it and it growing cuz I’ve done all that and physical reality elemental reality is easy to come by I can see it from the very beginning all the way to the end I’m picking a flower up and holding it well I’m in a lovely place in Utah in the fields when my wife pretty interesting thank I am determined to keep practicing maybe determination is the beginning the practice is definitely not the end I am home perfect strong powerful healthy happy and harmonious and I always keep my promises Curtis Hammond

2 thoughts on “Master Key week 9

  1. Curtis

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you are perfect, strong, powerfully healthy, happy and harmonious.

    I send you love and blessings for you and for you to pass on to others



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