Master Key week 13

Thought versus action.

very interesting this week, I was just speaking with my Mastermind group Esme, that I feel like I am thinking so much so often I doing all the exercises they’re not actually putting anything into action.This weeks webinar Mark and devine actually addressed that it’s like the universe was speaking all together another interesting topic his are sick this week the way are part of the universal mind or God you look around you realize this is true I have no doubt did this is true why have I forsaken it for so long? Maybe I’m embarrassed doing the things I’ve done thinking the thoughts I thought in the past did I am part of God I denied that cuz what would that do to yawn himself for I am part of God it’s worse than your parents seeing you do something you’re not supposed to do as a child how can I impress God? It is rather confusing and amazing at the same time think that I could be part of something so incredible are someone so incredible and not be greater than I am all ready for this is my fault and my fault only I will rewrite my past to change my future!

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