Master Key wk 14


watched Mully over the holiday. Wow does he take everything we’ve learned to a different level made me think that I was thinking way too small. I I actually felt very overwhelmed with a thought just a thought doing what he did sacrifice everything including his family don’t know that I could go that far sometimes I feel if I have to go that far not sure that I can do it but what he did is not my passion it is not my living legacy to do that so for what I am to do it what I am to be and what I will because I can be what I will be, I persist and I will succeed.

DuringMy sit this week I imagine reaching out to the universe and grabbing all the electrons that are surrounding me and just taking it all in thousands and thousands and millions of them my brain was overwhelmed with excitement of what I can do because I am part of the whole it was exhilarating!

I do hope that everybody in this course taking advantage of everything I’m excited about the future even more than ever and I appreciate everything everyone in my Mastermind alliance has done my God Deb and of course Mark and his beautiful wife Davie everybody have a good New year’s and do not make a New year’s resolution 4 we don’t need to!

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