Master key WK 18 gratefulness and fantastic experiences

this past week I have been grateful for many many things I’m writing a gratefulness on three cards a day though I find it difficult to ride only three so I keep writing have to keep purchasing cards but I’m happy that I get to do this!and the experiences that I’ve had and that I recognize their good experiences make it even better just a simple walk from my house a couple of blocks down the road my mother’s house is my five-year-old daughter to so full of energy and life that just spreads the joy happiness to me everyone around her. I was able to go watch her dance and play with her friends. I was able to go to an escape room with all my three children I was at work to ride a train I was able to drive to a parking lot and enjoy the experience of being scared and we’re going to hit the top of it in the parking garage I was able to sit outside with my kids and watch the sunset I was able to have my son help me work on my truck as I said a few bad words and had to relinquish my 7-Day mental diet, I was able to wake up my kids one morning I play in my trumpet for the wake up in the morning song that the army plays, I was able to eat biscuits and gravy without your Turin and my wife I was able to sit in the hot tub with my life I was able to sleep 30 minutes late one day and yet still get a workout in I was able to smile almost all day because I’m happier and I am the greatest miracle. And all that much more and just four days that I took off work imagine if I reach my Bliss how much more can do!

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