Master key week 20

I never really thought that I truly feared anything, but I just had the realization that I do I’ve had the same job for 23 years I’m grown to dislike it very much now I don’t know that it’s the John did I just like his much as it is the subconscious thought that I can’t do anything different or that I know I can actually it’s just I’m scared to do something different I use excuses like I can’t afford to leave this jobs that makes really good money are my kids may not be able to eat or I may not be able to keep a roof over the house or I may or I might or whatever just excuses not to do something different and better I’ve been training my brain and my skills for years now but I still have the subconscious fear of stepping out. so I’m going to step out gradually inch by inch mile by mile until I come out and I’m successful in another position in my life and I will be more successful than ever before.

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