Master key week 21 Anger

Today I I’m very angry at myself not at the world as most people are. For I know I’m not achieving what I need to achieve it really pisses me off maybe I’m impatient maybe I’m doing something wrong. I am taking this anger turning it towards the success I want to be I am persistent and I will succeed this is all I know to do I’ll reach out to the universe connect as a magnet does pray for guidance listen deeply with intent and take action on whatever needs to be done.

One thought on “Master key week 21 Anger

  1. Curtis,

    “Take action on whatever needs to be done”

    This is the way for you. You have set the ideal, and, will focus on it instead of the anger. I give thanks for the anger that pointed out to you the lesson of what you needed to do. Such as focusing on the Traction Points for your own great success. I support you every step of the way.

    I send you all that you need and desire.


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