Week 23 Master key

After 5months I completed my DMP! I know it may change in time, but wanted to share.

On or before 01/01/2025 I have $14million and receive checks weekly of
$14,500 from my Young Living business, real estate, my invention of an essential oils
inhaler the VIBE, and sales of my book titled UNMATCHED.
This abundance of money allows me to continue following my passion, living legacy and
receiving recognition for creative expression! I share the MKE during the 2024 “I am not
your Guru” bi-annual tour along with tony robbins and john maxwell.I have a feeling of
complete exhilaration during the events! The events are held each January in Las
Vegas and in June it’s held at Haman arena in Chattanooga, TN.
On 02/02/2029 I donate
$1million to UTC towards the construction of their new arena. Now my children and
each generation after can be proud of the Haman name. Incredible! I am a living legacy!
As an RC diamond I lead builders through my duplicatetable network marketing
blueprint. I implement this on or before 02/02/2021.
My library in Dunlap TN. is filled with self help books, 3rd party tools and of course all 10
volumes of my book UNMATCHED!
My library spans 1 city block with the interior and exterior constructed entirely of white
marble with a bright red ceiling, yellow couches sitting at the foot of large picture
windows and the word library above the doors is neon yellow block letters. As I walk
through and breath in the melodious scents of the books I feel as if Iam touched by the
omniscience of God himself!
I am grateful for the time I spend with my family, friends and my Young Living family
twice a year on my private island in the British isles, Necker that I acquire on or before
I allow its previous owner Richard Branson to join us whenever he likes..
I learn from the master teacher Jesus and all the great thought leaders.
I am now blessed with an abundance of time and enthusiasm for the ability to serve
many, in different ways. As the master teacher stated, ” Find a way to serve many, for
service to many leads to greatness”.
I promise to service my Y.L. team by coaching 2 of them a year towards financial
I promise to sit for 15 minutes daily on thoughts connecting me to part of the whole.Part
of God!
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