Week 24 Master key,how it helped me overcome paralyzing fear.

go yesterday the family and I decided to practice social distancing I going hiking. I found ourselves in your gourd Creek bed it was extremely slippery so the family decided to climb up the hill I get out of the creek bed I decided to go even further and there was a rock that I really really wanted to sit on and enjoying the view of a waterfall below. At some point I found myself unable to go any further cuz it a state embankment on both sides what about a 6-foot waterfall below I got to turn around to go back I realize the rocks were extremely slippery and way tune water in glors to climb back up as we all know going downhill is much easier than going uphill. Paralyzing fear actually struck immediately I no idea how I was going to get out I tried time the bank started sliding if I had fell out of falling straight into the waterfall Medford try to many different things the only thing that works is it I said down used the meditation practices I learned for the master key experience are about 10 minutes my feelings overcome my legs at stop shaking I was able to find another way I had not seen before. What a great experience!

by the way my wife was just about to call 911to come rescue, just as I had to figured it out..

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