Week 12 Year 3 – The Seven Day Mental Diet

The 7 day mental diet… I began 4 months ago, still working on it! But it’s fantastic.

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Hello, amigos!

I’ve gotta say that the most invigorating exercise so far in this round with the #MKEMMA is without a doubt the Seven Day Mental Diet.

It is so refreshing, so direct, so straightforward to weed out unsupportive thought patterns and strengthen the Silent Observer.

The first two weeks honestly felt like I was drowning in my own negativity, yeah, me the always positive dude! But then I thought that I’d be happy to be able to recognize all those negative influences and be willing to override them and actually control my thoughts.

I’m really happy and looking forward to completing my magical seven days!

Please share your thoughts and experiences with the Seven Day Mental Diet.

=One Love=


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